Is it a violation of privacy to store user data and sell it for a profit or use it to better target your products to consumers? The corporations claim they provide better tailored services to us, the consumer, by analyzing the data we provide online and can offer their services free of charge and do all this while trying their best to keep it from the hands of criminals by spending millions to secure it behind firewalls and encryption. Advocates for the consumer demand full transparency and disclosure of the uses of data but each attempt to pass a bill is blocked by the tech companies. The war wages on and we may not see an end anytime soon. But what happens to our online privacy in the meantime? Mr.Nagle, referenced in Paralyzed Man Uses Mind to Move Cursor by Andrew Pollack may worry that his thoughts will be monitored and stored by the manufacturer of any of the software or hardware he is using. His story gives hope to many paralyzed people but also is an example of the problems we will face in the near future when such technologies will be easily accessible. If we can’t agree on privacy now when we use a keyboard to input our thoughts on the computer, what will we face when our thoughts will be connected to the computer directly?